Zoomtak Becomes The #1 Selling Android TV Box Singapore

Zoomtak has quickly risen to the #1 selling Android TV box Singapore. The Zoomtak Vplus, has already enjoyed a long reigning position as Hong Kong’s #1 selling Android TV box, primarily due to Hong Kong’s high concentration of English speaking expatriates which are at the core of Zoomtak’s fan base. And now, Singapore’s rapidly growing expatriate community has also embraced the Zoomtak brand.

 Although in Asia the Android TV box market is extremely well developed and competitive, the choices for primarily English content have been slim to none as most devices are focused on Chinese content. Chinese devices like the hugely popular Unblock Tech UBOX may have some English content like movies and some TV shows, but the devices generally fall short when it comes to English media options. And although many Chinese devices tout the ability to have multiple languages built into the operating systems, only a few of the main menu screens are translated and usually in quite poor broken English. Those devices tend to leave the users confused and make them hard to use and difficult to navigate for English speaking expats.

With an unprecedented catalog of English TV show and movie content from the United States, Canada, and the UK, the Zoomtak devices continue to fly off the shelf. Zoomtak’s English media focus has answered the call for expatriates looking to consume the content they miss from home.

 Now, Singapore has joined the ranks as Zoomtak’s second biggest market. With an expat population of over 2 million as well has a reputation for being Asia’s tech capital, it’s only natural that the Zoomtak Android TV box Singapore is accepted as well as it is in Hong Kong. In reaction to the rapid growth of the Singapore Android TV market, Zoomtak has reduced its shipping costs, even more, lowering any barriers to entry for potential new customers.

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