Zoomtak TV Box gives you unlimited free Hollywood movies and tv shows. No monthly fees or contracts.

The Zoomtak Android TV box gives you unlimited, instant, on-demand access to the latest Hollywood blockbuster movies, tv shows and even live tv with no monthly fees or contracts. This kodi box can change your life. We ship globally to the US, Europe, Australia, Asia and Hong Kong. 

New lower shipping rates to US and  Singapore

Watch What You Want.

What is Zoomtak
Harnessing the power of KODI, the Zoomtak box provides the free streaming of over 300,000 Hollywood blockbuster movies, 10,000 TV shows and even 100's of live tv channels from Canada, US, and UK. The interface is simple to use and beautifully displayed with poster art. Just click and play.

Super Simple Setup

There’s no technical expertise required at all. Zoomtak is plug and play,

Plug in your Zoomtak

Just simply plug in your Zoomtak.

Connect to your TV

Connect Zoomtak to your HDMI port on your TV

Connect to WIFI

Connect to wifi or ethernet. Then a quick two click setup, and thats it.

Set your apps free

Set your favorite apps free and bring them to the big screen. On Zoomtak boxes you can bring all your favorite apps like Youtube, Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, Instagram and even Gmail directly into your living room.

Travel the world with Zoomtak

Zoomtak boxes work almost anywhere in the world you have a high-speed internet connection, making the devices ideal for expats or just the perfect travel companion. (device does not work in the People's Republic of China)

Blazing fast performance

Zoomtak Vplus boasts the very lastest in Octa-core techonology, unleashing the smoothest android experience on the market.

Ultra HD 4K Kodi Box

If you haven't upgraded to a 4K display yet, now is the time to do it. Our Ultra HD 4K Kodi box has blazing fast performance giving you unparalleled picture quality at an ultra fast 60 frames per second.

Stream your own media too.

With built in support for Miracast and Airplay, streaming your android or IOS content to the big screen is easy and fun.

Why choose Zoomtak?

Zoomtak Android TV box is voted #1 for English media by expats worldwide. Through our exclusive updater app, which is not available on any other box, our English content specialists and software engineers from around the globe, tirelessly work to keep the boxes updated with the latest streams and plugins, and also removing from the system any plugins that have gone down. This happens all automatically, taking all the hassle, technical know-how, and time-consuming research out of the equation making the experience care-free for our customers. That's the Zoomtak difference.
• Zoomtak is the Fastest streaming device on the market.
• Zoomtak has 20x the English TV show content vs. any other device
• Zoomtak 10x the English Live TV content vs. any other device
• Exclusive Zoomtak Update Software
• Backed by a one year warranty and ongoing technical support.


Is it really just a one time payment?

Yes, it is just a one time payment for the device.
No monthly fees, no hidden costs, and no contracts. Don't wait any longer, visit our shop and buy your Zoomtak now.
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